Link to the invitation in Spanish

Saturday 27th January at 17:00 _ Salón de actos de Traficantes de sueños _ Duque de Alba 13, Madrid

Invitation to an informative meeting to build a Europea assembly of women and migrants

After meeting in Bologna also together with the Women’s Assembly of the Migrant Coordination, an assembly of Italian and migrant assembly of Italian and migrant women who fight against patriarchal and racist violence, the EAST network (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational) and TMC (Transnational Migrant Coordinating have launched a proposal to Territorio Doméstico: to organise an assembly in Madrid with the participation of activists and feminists, LGTBTQ, migrant and trade union activists and collectives from Europe and beyond, as a way to strengthen the transnational anti-racist and feminist alliances that the feminist strike set in motion.

Territorio Doméstico has decided to convene, with the support of La Laboratoria, an informative meeting, which will be attended by the comrades who are making us the proposal and groups from Madrid. It will be a mixed meeting: that is to say, it will be possible to attend in person, going to Traficantes de Sueños – Duque de Alba, or online, through a link.
We are calling for grassroots groups that cross feminist and anti-racist work, with a strong migrant protagonism, so that the comrades from EAST can tell us about the proposal and to find out about the possibility to organize this migrant assembly in Madrid.

They offer us logistical, organisational and financial support and raise some questions: how to make visible the conditions of migrants in a context in which European measures are becoming increasingly racist? What practices and discourses do we want to strengthen in order to make the increasing patriarchal violence visible and refuse it collectively? How can we show that patriarchal violence increases in a context marked by the rise of racism and nationalism fuelled by the wars in Ukraine and Palestine? How do we build political intersections that are not just the sum of our struggles, but that show their connections?

What is Teritorio Doméstico?

Territorio Doméstico is a collective space of struggle and empowering women, mostly migrants and domestic and care workers. The important thing, which brings us together, is that we are women who do a hard, enormous, and invisibilized job: the work of caring for people and homes. From that starting point, we created a space in which to feel listened to and valued, to support one another and fight for improving our lives and also building a more liveable world for everyone. We fight for the recognition of our rights as domestic workers and carers, but also for the visibilization of the care work that sustains life and the urgent need to socially reorganize care…

To learn more at this link you’ll find an introductory selection in English of the five main chapters of “Bio-syndicalism from the Domestic Territories. Our Reclaims and Our Ways of Doing”, written by Rafaela Pimentel Lara, Costanza Cisneros Sánchez, Amalia Caballero Richard and Ana Rojo Delgado in dialogue with Territorio Doméstico, illustrated by Ana Peñas and now translated by Liz Mason-DeeseTo read the whole book in Spanish go here.