TSS is involved in different ongoing projects dealing with the transnational organization of workers and migrants, women and men. TSS strongly takes part in and sustains these projects in order to build a wider political communication which may tackle and subvert subordination, violence and exploitation.

Amazon Workers International

Amazon Workers International (AWI) is a transnational coalition of Amazon workers from Poland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United States, involved in every-day organizing, coordinated strikes and different forms of struggle. Since 2015 AWI members have been discussing and…

Climate Class Conflict

Climate Class Conflict (CCC) is a TSS’ initiative to bring together workers,
unionists, and climate activists who aim to discuss how to confront the
manifold effects of the green and energy transition.


E.A.S.T. (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational) is a network composed mostly of women, migrants, workers and activists born out of the struggles on social reproduction triggered by the pandemic crisis of Covid-19.

Permanent Assembly Against the War

The Permanent Assembly Against the War is a political infrastructure composed of activists and workers that aim to grow a collective discussion in the direction of a transnational politics of peace and coordinated initiatives.

Transnational Migrants Coordination

The Transnational Migrants Coordination involves migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, collectives and groups from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Morocco and Lebanon.

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