by E.A.S.T. (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational)

Today, for the eighth year, the global feminist strike is back: from East to West, our feminist strike against patriarchal violence, aims at overturning production and social reproduction, challenging violence, racism and exploitation. Today, we mobilize transnationally to express our refusal to the genocide that the government of Israel is perpetrating in Palestine and the logic of war.

Women, LGBTQI people, migrants, essential workers are filling the squares all over the world against femicides and domestic violence and the way it is exacerbated in this conjuncture. We see it in the housing crisis – as denounced in the feminist and queer demonstrations in Germany – and in absence of any protection that could provide even minimum concrete support to women, instead giving leeway to abusive men – as shouted by women and queer people in Turkey, who are joining revolutionary struggle of Kurdish people against Erdogan’s authoritarianism. Feminists are revolting against privatization of universities and the remainders of welfare protections in Greece; they are claiming freedom of abortion and from exploitation in factories and all workplaces in Poland; they are striking in France against Macron’s ‘demographic rearmament’ – demanding women to accomplish their supposed natural role of mothers, his racist policies and belligerent rhetoric calling to engross the lines of national armies for present and future wars; they are calling everyone to join their strike in Italy where migrants domestic workers are persecuted by the racist and patriarchal Meloni government. They are striking for the liberation of Palestinian people while denouncing the rise in migrants’ pushbacks and worsening of restrictions of freedom of movement in the UK. All these voices are materially demonstrating that no one is free until all of us are free: March 8th is the occasion to make visible the connections of our struggles and our conditions.

Everywhere, this year, our fight to patriarchal violence cannot be separated from our fight against the genocide and the logic of war, from Ukraine to Gaza. Against the militarization of our societies, which increases patriarchal violence, worsens our material condition, chokes and fragments our possibilities of struggle, we go to the street and say loudly that «There is no peace without feminist struggles!», as asserted by the Permanent Assembly against the war.

But feminist fight does not stop on this day. We will continue to conspire together, to strategize and organize against the logic of war and its material effects, against the exploitation of essential work, for freedom for all. We will meet for a public meeting in Madrid in May with women, migrant workers, LGBTQI people and all those who are fighting to stop racism, male and patriarchal violence, exploitation and oppression.