First Program Outline. More details shortly. 


Day one: Friday, November 23 // 5 PM – 8 PM

Location: ABF




Introduction by organisers and TSS

A presentation of the Transnational Social Strike platform and the theme for the meeting: Against the Logistics of Exploitation. What is the role of logistics in today’s capitalist economy and how can we use an understanding of logistics in rethinking forms of organization. Why strike? Why social? Why transnational?

Panel Discussion: The strike as a political tool

The new environment of strike in Sweden is one that intersects demands within and outside workplaces.

Participants representing three seemingly different collective strike formations in Sweden: the workplace specific union, the teenage migrant social struggle, and the global women’s strike movement.


Panel discussion: The new silk road, cross-border warehouse coordination and the fast food revolt

On connections, chains and invisible ties in the delivery universe.

Participants from Poland, Spain, France, and Georgia.


Day two: Saturday, November 24 // 10 AM – 6 PM

Location: TBA




This day is for those interested in dealing with a number of logistics-connected issues that require deeper collective investigation. The set-up is intended to encourage discussion. The aim is to potentially overcome some conflicting ideas and to find relevant ways to continue discussions, towards new collective goals.


I. Logistics as the transnational command over labor

This workshop will focus on the transformations in labor processes driven by logistics. We will discuss how contemporary logistical transformations have influenced the capacity to strike and harm profits.


II. Precarity, mobility, migrant labor: the fragmenting power of logistics

This workshop aims to tackle the myriad of ways logistics — while stretching across the borders — also promotes a growing division between workers in the very same workplace, labor sector, country, and so on. We hope to collectively identify the problems that this fragmentation poses to the organization of struggles against logistics.


III. The deadlock of national struggles

This workshop uses as a premise the reality of the global economy, to let us discuss an outlook for a new transnational struggle, in a framework of rising nationalisms and crisis of social democracy.





Plenary Assembly

How to struggle against “the logistical logic” of contemporary capitalism on a transnational level? What do we have and what are we still missing to build a common strategy against the logistics of exploitation? How would a transnational strike against logistics look? What political goals and social strategies can we shape to enhance every struggle and make them long term? How can we plan to make victories carry beyond isolated agreements?


Day three: Sunday, November 25 // 11 AM – 3 PM

Location: TBA


Coordination Meeting


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