The next Amazon workers’ meeting will take place in Poznan in less than one month, carrying on the work of transnational coordination developed side by side with the growth of the TSS platform, from its first assembly in Frankfurt on March 19th 2015 to the one in Paris last October, which started with an assembly at Orléans, close to the plant in Saran, with Polish, German and French Amazon workers. The overall goal of these set of meetings is clear: knowing that the enemy is organized across borders and plays us one against the other for its own profit, we need to build up a force that likewise is able to cross the borders. Join the meeting, take part, organize! 

Amazon Workers from Germany, Poland and France are inviting to an International Workers Meeting in Poznan, Poland, April 21 to 23.

The meeting continues the international exchange of Amazon warehouse workers on our everyday survival and resistance at work. Since 2015, we have met a few times in Germany, Poland and France.

This exchange already contributed to common actions: spreading leaflets about demands of colleagues, support during strikes, spreading information in the media, and a kick of empowerment for the participants!

Our network is open to all workers regardless of union labels and nationality.

We are connected every day through commodity circulation, and we need to share our perspectives on work and self-organization as well as the similar problems we have: precarious conditions, temp contacts, pressure of rates and feed-backs, permanent control via scanners and computers, and more.

Dear dockers, shippers, packers, pickers, receivers, stowers! It is time for an “all hands” – this time for the sake of our own and not the company’s interests! We know that the struggle at Amazon can be won only internationally.

Organizational issues:

Time schedule: We start on Friday, April 21, at 7 p.m. with an open meeting; on Saturday, April 22, the meeting will start at 9 a.m. and last all day; in the evening we will „have fun and make history“ (no work!); Sunday, April 23, in the morning will be time for organizational agreements. The meeting will be finished Sunday around noon.

Languages: At the meeting we will speak Polish, German, French, and English. All languages are welcome. We will invite interpreters so everybody can take part.

Money: The meeting is for free, of course, but we will collect donations for food and beverages.

Accommodation: You can stay in hostels (approximately 5 euros per night). We will organize the reservation after your registration and send you more information about the hostel, the venue of the meeting, etc.


We ask you to register as soon as possible per email to amaworkers(at)

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