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Strike back in Sweden: not a national matter

The Strike Back movement in Sweden will mount a city-wide disruption in Stockholm this Saturday. Why? Because it calls workers both unionised and otherwise, unemployed or in school – and from any nation – to manifest against a new proposal which intends to make most forms of strike illegal. This …

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Becoming Critical: Deliveroo Struggles in the UK Spread and Develop

by CALLUM CANT (Plan C, UK) Conflict Corner this week gives space to new forms of struggles arising in the UK from the cooperation of Deliveroo couriers with social movements and supporters. The Rebel Roo bullettin project, led by Plan C, actively contributed to this cooperation that is empowering self-organized …

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March First: Courses of Action Leading to an Unexpected Strike

We publish the English translation of an essay on the strike of migrant labor of the 1st of March 2010 in Italy as a contribution for the discussion opened by the call for a “24h without us” in the UK the 20th of February. As the article explains, the background …

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Strike against the Machine! Notes upon the Present

by BERLIN MIGRANT STRIKERS We publish a text written by the Berlin Migrant Strikers, a Berlin based group of EU internal migrants, and part of the Transnational Social Strike Platform. The text launches some elements of debate around the current centrality of the strike as the political practice able to …

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Statement in support of the striking dockworkers in Sweden

The Transnational Social Strike Platform supports the dockworkers that are striking and fighting in Gothenburg at APM container terminal. About a year ago, APM Terminals Gothenburg adopted a new aggressive personnel policy and is now rejecting all demands for higher wages and better conditions from the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, which …

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