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1st of March: Map, Q&A and list of initiatives

Migrants, Workers, Activists // Act! Demonstrate! Strike! A day of coordinated initiatives against borders and precarization, towards a transnational social strike! #1M #TSS Q&A: Why a transnational day of coordinated actions against borders and precarization in Europe? Because national social and labour policies are placed inside a European framework, precarity …

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24 heures sans nous! Appel pour un 1er Mars contre les frontières et la précarisation, vers une grève sociale transnationale

L’Europe est en ce moment gouvernée par un état d’urgence permanent : les gardes-frontières filtrent les migrants qui arrivent tous les jours par les frontières extérieures selon des critères encore plus sévères. Les documents sont contrôlés sans distinction. Les mesures de sécurité visant les habitants des périphéries urbaines sont en …

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Discussions on the Transnational Social Strike

On Social Strike and Directional Demands Plan C, UK At the present moment it feels like all sections of the UK Radical Left are trapped in a state of impasse. There’s a desperate need for strategic rethinking. […] We need a strategic orientation (and indeed a culture of thinking strategically) …

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24 hours without us! Call for a 1st of March against borders and precarization

Translations: Deutsch – Español – Français – Italiano – Polskie – Svenska – ελληνικά Europe is at the moment ruled by a permanent state of emergency: border guards filter migrants who arrive everyday at the external frontiers under even harsher criteria. Documents are controlled more indiscriminately. Security measures against the inhabitants of urban peripheries …

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Articles and Interviews about the Transnational Social Strike

Grenzlos Streiken, Neues Deutschland, Oct. 14th: http://www.neues-deutschland.de/artikel/987743.grenzenlos-streiken.html Von Amazon bis Zwangsräumung, Jungle World, Oct. 15th: http://jungle-world.com/artikel/2015/42/52833.html Discussing the Transnational Social Strike. Interview with Roberta Ferrari, Workers Liberty, Oct. 20th: http://www.workersliberty.org/node/25739 Differenziato e connesso. Sul meeting transnazionale di Poznan, translation from Analyse&Kritik, Oct. 20th: http://www.connessioniprecarie.org/2015/11/06/differenziato-e-connesso-sul-meeting-transnazionale-di-poznan/ Na rzecz ponadnarodowego strajku społecznego, Inicjatywa Pracownicza, …

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