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Amazon Workers’ Meeting // Poznan, 21st – 23rd April

The next Amazon workers’ meeting will take place in Poznan in less than one month, carrying on the work of transnational coordination developed side by side with the growth of the TSS platform, from its first assembly in Frankfurt on March 19th 2015 to the one in Paris last October, which started with an …

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Logistics and the Perspective of a Transnational Social Strike

We publish the report of the workshop on logistics held during the TSS Paris meeting last October. Next appointment for discussion the TSS London Assembly, where a workshop on “How to strike when your boss is a machine, a software or a chain? Hints for a logistical strike” will be held …

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Organized by Amazon Workers (Germany), Deliveroo strikers/IWGB  (UK), Precarious di∫connections (Italy), Workers’ Initiative (Poland), Sud PTT (France) Saturday 22nd October, 10-13h, Bourse du Travail de Saint Denis Logistics is not only transport and distribution: it has changed the way in which production and labour are organized and distributed across different places, …

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Articles and Interviews about the Transnational Social Strike

Grenzlos Streiken, Neues Deutschland, Oct. 14th: http://www.neues-deutschland.de/artikel/987743.grenzenlos-streiken.html Von Amazon bis Zwangsräumung, Jungle World, Oct. 15th: http://jungle-world.com/artikel/2015/42/52833.html Discussing the Transnational Social Strike. Interview with Roberta Ferrari, Workers Liberty, Oct. 20th: http://www.workersliberty.org/node/25739 Differenziato e connesso. Sul meeting transnazionale di Poznan, translation from Analyse&Kritik, Oct. 20th: http://www.connessioniprecarie.org/2015/11/06/differenziato-e-connesso-sul-meeting-transnazionale-di-poznan/ Na rzecz ponadnarodowego strajku społecznego, Inicjatywa Pracownicza, …

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Document final de la première assemblée de la grève sociale transnationale.

Suite à la première assemblée de la Transnational Social Strike (grève sociale transnationale), l’invitation est lancée à tous les groupes , syndicats et collectifs à agir et à rejoindre le processus vers la grève sociale transnationale. Points forts: • Plus de 150 personnes réunies à Poznan lors de cette première …

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