by E.A.S.T. (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational)

On July 1st, Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention on combating violence against women will be official. That day will be a day of struggle in Turkey. But Erdogan’s withdrawal does not concern Turkey only, and we know that the withdrawal is not just a matter of the Convention itself. As women, LGBTQIA+ people, migrants, and essential workers, we are experiencing the effects of a transnational war declared upon us and upon our freedom.

For these reasons, the Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational (E.A.S.T.) network calls for a transnational mobilization on July 1st that has Turkey as its core, but goes beyond it. That day will be a day of struggle for women, LGBTQI+ people, migrants and essential workers all over the world. We will shout loudly that we refuse every revitalization of the family as a pillar of racist and patriarchal welfare and a deadly cage for women. The fight of women and LGBTQI+ people is a common transnational struggle and we refuse to be pitted against each other.

On July 1st in Turkey there will be mass protests, demonstrations, strikes and other activities to oppose the withdrawal from the Convention. At the same time in many other countries and places around the world there will be solidarity actions, protests, public assemblies, publications, common hashtags and much more. Comrades in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, the UK, Poland are already planning solidarity actions. We invite everyone to join the wave of solidarity!

This event is a space where we can share with each other what actions different local collectives and groups are planning to do towards the week of transnational mobilizations which goes from the June 26th to the July 4th across Europe and beyond. If you are planning a digital or a physical activity in solidarity with the resistance in Turkey and against the violence towards women and LGBTQI+ people, share your events, ideas and hashtags in the event discussion and let more people know about it. July 1st will be a day of transnational resistance – let’s mobilize and coordinate together and amplify our voices!

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Read E.A.S.T. statement on the attack to the Istanbul Convention:

⚡️We are not silent, we are not afraid, we won’t give up!
⚡️Our life is essential, our struggle is essential!
⚡️Rise up for the Istanbul Convention!
⚡️Stop patriarchal attacks!