Sunday March 20th at 15:00 (GMT) / 16:00 (CET) / 17:00 (EET)




Dear friends

The statement “No to War. For a Transnational Politics of Peace” has had more than 100 signatures of collectives and organizations from all over the world.In the statement, we wrote that “the slaughter must be stopped along with the further crisis that is looming over the life of workers, migrants, women, and men that struggle for their daily life. While nationalists preach their actions in the name of identities and interests that fragment and oppress us … we call for a transnational politics of all workers, migrants, women, and men for peace, against this shattering war”.

Many of us are now engaged in practical solidarity and initiatives in support of those who are attacked in Ukraine. On March 8th, the global women’s strike day, on the wave of the call of the feminists opposing the war in Russia, feminist networks and collectives have called to strike the war. Many are pushing for open borders for all those who are escaping and for all those who wish to enter the EU. The refugees are being fundamentally instrumentalised as a new workforce to be exploited whilst we understand that state actors having a newfound “humanitarianism” is just a cynical move to position themselves for a new cycle of accumulation. We support the demand for open borders while we make clear that it is the entire structure of migration and border policies that must change towards migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from all over the world.

Nonetheless, it is more necessary than ever to have a collective discussion on how to shape a transnational politics of peace that does not divide us, workers and migrants, women and men in nationalist fronts or in geopolitical deadlocks, while not preaching social peace either. It is all the more necessary if we do not want the future to be dictated by military aggression or threats of economic and environmental collapse.

We call everyone to join us in a transnational public online meeting on Sunday 20th at 16:00 (CET) to discuss how to shape together our refusal to war and a transnational politics of peace. We believe the first step is to deepen connections across the borders among those who fight for survival and to oppose, in different ways, in Ukraine as well as in Russia and elsewhere, this murderous aggression.​​​​​


TSS Platform