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Stockholm Meeting November 2018

Strike back in Sweden: not a national matter

The Strike Back movement in Sweden will mount a city-wide disruption in Stockholm this Saturday. Why? Because it calls workers both unionised and otherwise, unemployed or in school – and from any nation – to manifest against a new proposal which intends to make most forms of strike illegal. This …

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Strike Back! Call for a Social Strike in Stockholm on 25/08

by STRIKE BACK- FÖRSVARA STREJKRÄTTEN We publish the call for a nationwide social strike on the 25th August in Stockholm, launched by the “Strike Back” movement against the project of a law that drastically limits the right to strike. The law was proposed as a response to the mobilizations of the …

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Against the Logistics of Exploitation. Stockholm // November 23-24th // 2018 – TSS Meeting Call Out

Translations:  Deutsch  – Español – Français – Italiano – Svenska – ქართული – български – Polskie All across Europe and in its peripheries, workers, migrants, precarious are confronting neoliberal reforms, intensified exploitation and institutional racism. Experimentations of cross-border organization against global giants such as Amazon, migrants striking the borders of Europe, the women of the global feminist strike and …

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