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Facing the European crisis, building social power

Workshop on the Transnational Social Strike at the
Anti-Racist Festival in Athens, July 3rd, 7.30PM, Panepistimioúpoli (University Campus), Zografou, Athens. ελληνικά The normalization of precarization is the ultimate political agenda in Europe. It is now explicit that the line of reform from Hartz IV in Germany to the loi travail in …

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The big brother of the «loi travail»: the German Agenda 2010

The French labor reform that is triggering a massive social strike throughout France is not just a national law: it is part of a European process of precarization and an attack on workers and labor rights. The loi travail is in fact very similar in its attack on workers to …

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15M: let’s cross our struggles, to block each Loi Travail!

In the recent months we have participated in the strikes that have shaken France. Mobilizations against the ‘Loi Travail’, a neoliberal reform that wants: to increase the working hours, to liberalize dismissals and to reduce wages. This reform is similar to those that already destroyed the labor law in Southern …

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Grève Social to change Europe

The Independent Union for Precarious and Autonomous workers (CLAP – Camere del Lavoro Autunomo e Precario) part of the Transnational Social Strike Platform will go to Paris to participate to the general strike against the Loi Travail called for the 28th April. Français – Italian When the general strike against …

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France on Strike Again: The Chance of a Transnational Movement?

 Français – Italiano On Saturday, April 9th, that is on March the 40th according to the new calendar of the protest, more than 150.000 people demonstrated in Paris and more than 200 demonstrations took place all over France, showing that the mobilization against the project «loi travail» it still vibrant. …

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