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March 8th – The Weekly Striker n. 3: If we Strike, the World Stops! Spain on strike again

by LAURA CASIELLES – COMISION INTERNACIONAL 8M MADRID For the third «weekly striker» approaching the next global feminist strike on March 8th, we publish an interview to Laura Casielles, part of the Comisiòn Internacional 8M Madrid (read the other interviews from Bulgaria and Germany). Laura talks about the fact that …

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March 8th – The Weekly Striker n. 2: Women Take Back the Political Strike in Germany

For this second issue of The Weekly Striker (see n. 1 here) we interviewed Johanna and Tessi from the Berliner Frauen*Streik Netzwerk (Network of Women’s Strike – Berlin) who tell us their experience of organizing the feminist strike in Germany. What is striking in their story is the importance of …

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March 8th – The Weekly Striker n. 1: Rage and Liberation. Bulgarian women against violence

For the third year, the global women’s strike is landing on dozens of countries on the 8th of march. The unexpected and enduring strength of this movement is testified by the tremendous circulation of the strike, even in places where it would not have been imaginable at all. With this …

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Call to Join the Feminist Strike on March 8th 2019

by NI UNA MENOS (Argentina) This year, once again, we are organizing a worldwide feminist strike. Our strike will affect houses, fairs, factories, universities and all workplaces; we will strike in the forests, in the occupied fields and in the villas; we will strike in the sectors of popular economies …

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Class War in Sweden

by GABRIEL KUHN – MICKE NORDIN To many, Sweden is an unexpected battlefield for some of the epic transformations shaking the nature of labor struggles. Everything appears to be happening behind the scenes – and in the ostensibly carefree bastion of social democracy – but with severe implications to the working …

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