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Our Lives Are ‘Essential’ – So Our Struggle Is Too

by ASSEMBLY OF MIGRANT WOMEN (Bologna, Italy) We publish a text that is the outcome of a big assembly of migrant and Italian women held in Bologna last August. The text discusses how, starting from very different conditions, migrant women struggle daily against the blackmail of the residence permit, against …

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(Post)Pandemic Struggles in Social Reproduction: Lessons from the Therapist Union in Georgia

by SOPIKO JAPARDIZE (Solidarity Network, Georgia) We publish a text, written by Sopiko Japardize (Solidarity Network, Georgia), which follows the seminar “(Post)pandemic struggles in social reproduction”, available online at TSS’s Facebook page. The text, which was originally published on the website of LevFem, focuses on the experience of the Georgian …

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Our Freedom within and beyond the Borders of Europe. October 17th: Transnational Day of Migrants’ Struggle

Translations: French – Italian – Spanish – Turkish – Arabic – German On the 17th of October, when hundreds of thousands of migrants and sans-papiers will storm Paris from all over France, the Transnational Migrant Coordination calls all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, collectives, groups and supporters, to demonstrate throughout Europe and …

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Webinar: Housing Crisis and Labour Conflict: Essential Struggles during the Covid19 Pandemic

We present here a webinar that is part of a series coordinated by LevFem and Transnational Social Strike Platform, following up the first webinar organized before the summer. The discussions are based on exchanges taking place within a new emerging network called EAST (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational). Recognizing that European initiatives …

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Struggles in Social Reproduction during Covid19: from East to West and Beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic showed, more than anything, the deep interconnectedness and mutual dependence of different sectors, areas of life, and countries and regions within the global capitalist system. It became painfully evident how lockdowns or social distancing measures introduced in one place of the world can interrupt economic or social …

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