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Common Statement during the Coronavirus Crisis

by AMAZON WORKERS INTERNATIONAL Translations:  German – Italian – French While the Corona pandemic has already killed thousands of people and will kill many more, Amazon warehouses continue to operate 24/7. Governments around the world order social distancing, but at the same time they force workers to continue to work. Amazon …

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A Transnational Outcry Against Amazon: Shutdown Right Now!

by TSS Platform To the wave of protests and strikes that have hit Amazon warehouses in the past days, asking to close facilities that, even with positive cases of COVID19, are still functioning as usual, Amazon answered opening more positions to meet the increase of orders, and therefore augmenting the …

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  by TSS PLATFORM Amazon warehouses throughout Europe are hit by protests due to the refusal of the management to adopt the sanitary measures necessary to stop the spread of the COVID19. It is clear by now that Amazon is responsible for putting in danger the lives of dozens of …

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Sign the Petition: We, Amazon Workers, Demand Coronavirus Protections!

  We publish a petition written by workers at Amazon’s distribution center in New York, which calls for Amazon to take a series of necessary and non-delyable measures worldwide to deal with the Coronavirus emergency: the sanitization of all environments, the reduction of productivity standards and paid leave for all …

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#Globalwomenstrike / We Strike So That They Stop Killing Us. Voices from Argentina

Interview to Casa Popular Valeria (Movimiento Popular La Dignidad – Olavarría, Pcia de Buenos Aires, Argentina) by TSS Platform   This year again on the 8th of March millions of women have taken to the streets all over the world, from Chile to Turkey, defying dictatorship, neoliberal patriarchy and racism, …

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