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Call to Join the Feminist Strike on March 8th 2019

by NI UNA MENOS (Argentina) This year, once again, we are organizing a worldwide feminist strike. Our strike will affect houses, fairs, factories, universities and all workplaces; we will strike in the forests, in the occupied fields and in the villas; we will strike in the sectors of popular economies …

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Class War in Sweden

by GABRIEL KUHN – MICKE NORDIN To many, Sweden is an unexpected battlefield for some of the epic transformations shaking the nature of labor struggles. Everything appears to be happening behind the scenes – and in the ostensibly carefree bastion of social democracy – but with severe implications to the working …

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The Hungarian Movement Against the „Slave Law“

By MAREK ČANĚK (in collaboration with a2larm.cz) We publish an interview made by Marek Čaněk to Nikoletta Kiss and Balàzs Bàbel of the Youth Committee of Hungarian Trade Union Confederation after the big demo held in Budapest on the 8th of December against the so called ‘slave law’  under discussion by the Hungarian parliament. The law …

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Multitude as Force. Raquel Gutierrez Aguilár and Verónica Gago on the Feminist Strike.

by ELEONORA CAPPUCCILLI (Precarious Diʃconnections) (translated by Charline Kopf)    During the last TSS meeting in Stockholm we discussed about how to foster and boost next global women’s strike on 8th of March 2019 as a fundamental moment of the transnational struggle against exploitation and the patriarchal and racist hierarchies …

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The Acrobatics of the Feminist strike. Male violence and Struggles for the Wage at McDonald’s

by PRECARIOUS DI∫CONNECTIONS On Tuesday September 18th McDonald’s women workers realized the first strike against male violence and harassments in the workplaces organized against a multinational corporation in the US. Several women – many of which were Afro-Americans, Asiatic, Latinas, migrants and non-migrants – took part in the pickets and …

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