SATURDAY 10th September – 13:00-15:30

With this workshop we aim to discuss how the green transition is impacting the living and working conditions of millions of people, how it is producing tensions, divisions, and hierarchies on a transnational level, and how to confront the task of organizing against the impending climate and social catastrophe delivered by national governments, capital, and the European Union..

In fact, the social and economic consequences of the climate chaos have driven in the last years the growth of movements demanding climate justice. The mobilizations during the Cop26 in Glasgow have shown the strength of a movement that brings together activists from across the globe pointing at new possible connections with the labour movement. Then, moved by the urgency to share visions and common political initiatives against the climate crisis, in the following months the TSS Platform has hosted a series of meeting on climate class conflict together with unionists and activists from several countries around Europe. With those meetings we wanted to oppose the fabricated opposition between both workers and climate activists, and Western and Eastern countries to highlight the multilayered ways in which the green transition impacts the lives and working conditions of millions of people by making profits out of the crisis. So, even before the war started it was already clear that national and supranational plans for post-pandemic recovery and green transition were part of a neoliberal agenda to reconstruct both the industrial, and the energy sector. In this sense, the recent EU energy plans and the sanctions on Russia signal that the politics of transition is enmeshed with conflicts at gunpoint, that it is part of a wider strategy to ensure a new regime of production and social reproduction by dealing with the new world scenario opened by Putin’s invasion. Privatizations, inflation, reskilling and upskilling, extension of the single market to continue the longstanding process of integration of Eastern countries in the EU are the main points of the ongoing green transition, while it is clear that climate collapse won’t be avoided thanks to these measures. We need to organize against the devastating effects of the neoliberal green transition, we have to turn the green transition into a field of struggle! 

We invite activists, workers, collectives, and unionists to take part in this moment of discussion happening in Sofia; we need to find together a way to challenge the climate of inevitability that is looming upon us.

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