SATURDAY 10TH September – 13:30-15:30

The pandemic has aggravated pressures on the health sector globally and we can see an increase of struggles by health workers against under-staffing, low wages and hospital closures. The pandemic has also uncovered the reality of essential labor in social reproduction, mainly carried out by women and migrant women from Eastern Europe and beyond in particular, which is so much needed as it is exploited and undervalued. As capital and the state cannot easily re-locate health- and care-work to low-wage regions, labour migration of health- and care-workers plays an important role. Hospitals so much as homes have become melting pots of a global workforce. This workshop promoted by Angry Workers (UK) to share the work they have been doing as a small network of fellow health workers in the UK and look at current disputes, will be participated by health and care-workers from different regions discussing their current struggles and the particular role of health- and care-workers in a wider class movement, the chance to connect with feminist struggles against the patriarchal organization of society and in the context of a struggle for a fundamental change of society.

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