On Social Strike and Directional Demands

Plan C, UK

At the present moment it feels like all sections of the UK Radical Left are trapped in a state of impasse. There’s a desperate need for strategic rethinking. […] We need a strategic orientation (and indeed a culture of thinking strategically) because politics without one can fall into either Comfort Politics or Fire Brigade politics. […] A strategic orientation is not a step by step plan but a more general vision of how change might currently be achieved. Broad agreement on this can help orient our varied activities. We can in this way make a distinction between a strategic orientation and specific initiatives (such as campaigns or projects) acting in line with this orientation (read more here: http://www.weareplanc.org/blog/on-social-strikes-and-directional-demands/).

Contribution to the Debate on Social Strike and Directional Demands

Angry Workers, UK

Dear comrades, we want to contribute to the discussion on ‘social strikes’, based on a text written by comrades from Plan C. We hope that our thoughts are also relevant for the wider debate within the Blockupy / Transnational Strike network. Please read the following rather as a spontaneous reply (read more here: https://angryworkersworld.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/contribution-to-debate-on-social-strikes-and-directional-demands/).

Factory without Society: around some Problems concerning the Transnational Social Strike,

Precarious Dis-Connections, Italy

We would like to contribute to the debate started by Plan C and Angry Workers because we believe it is particularly important for the meeting towards a transnational social strike that will take place in Poznan next October. […] We will not articulate our contribution around all the questions developed until now, but rather we will focus on some points that we consider particularly relevant: what is the problem of the social strike? How to think the relation between the struggles within single work-places and the transnational organization of the movements? How to face the problem of the enlargement of struggles and of the relation between the contemporary conditions of labor and its social dimension? (read more here: http://www.connessioniprecarie.org/2015/08/04/factory-without-society-around-some-problems-concerning-the-transnational-social-strike/).

Social Strike. A Challenge and an Opportunity for the Class Struggle,

Dinamo Press, Italy

This article, published on Rosa Luxemburg Foundation magazine, aims to explore the issue of the social strike […] as a practice, a challenge and a perspective starting from the Italian experience towards the following transnational perspectives of the struggles against austerity in Europe (read more here: http://www.dinamopress.it/multilanguages/social-strike-a-challenge-and-an-opportunity-for-the-class-struggle)