Hi all!

The organizational process for the Transnational Social Strike Meeting is entering its final stage!

At the website you can find the call in different languages and all the useful information to participate and reach Poznan. The Facebook page of the meeting is: https://www.facebook.com/events/644630522338560/

We announce that the deadline for the presentation of the workshops is postponed to the 14th of September, in order to give the possibility to all the organizations, workers’ collectives and trade unions all over Europe and beyond who want to join the meeting, to propose workshops and register for the participation on the website. We welcome everyone to propose and organize a workshop. We propose that each workshop has at least three groups who would co-present/organize. Each workshop should be introduced with a small summary text. If you want to organize a workshop please send us an email to info.transnationalstrike@autistici.org

The deadline for the preparation of workshops is the 14th September 2015.

We kindly ask everyone who is interested in participating to the meeting to register in order to better organize food and other logistical needs. To register you can send an email to info.transnationalstrike@autistici.org mentioning the number of people and the place/group from where you come from as soon as possible.

See you in Poznan!.