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BASOC – Bosnia
the newly established Banja Luka Social Center based in a nearly two centuries old Bosnian house (Mirka Kovacevica 4). BASOC stands for equality politics and the commons in the post war, post-socialist Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in order to ameliorate one of the greatest drawbacks of the NGO scene visible in the total neglect of such social spaces while the money was spent for temporary projects only superficially supporting civil society. Instead, we strive for equality politics, solidarity and antifascism as well as the reassertion of the public good and the commons. Our long-term goals are to establish a strong presence of an alternative space that will practically address and repoliticize these issues, cultivating local audience and community that will be empowered to raise a critical voice from below.

Blockupy-platform, Berlin – Germany
We are a local network of diverse movement-oriented groups and individuals, which was founded for the Blockupy-mobilisation to Frankfurt. Together we want to overcome the crisis-regime in Europe and its politics of austerity. Our goal is to establish transnational democracy and solidarity from below. Our focus lies also on the local situation in Berlin, where we try to support differend groups and actors of social struggle and bring them together. Currently we try to work out possible connections between these local everyday-struggles and transnational mobilisations in the frame of Blockupy. We explicitly reject all forms of racist or nationalist division, conspiracy theories or antisemitism.

CLAP – Italy
is a self organized project of support and mutualism for organization of precarious workers. Our association provides free legal helpdesk with volunteering lawyers, available for advice, consultancy and lawsuits. It is part of a city network and support actively organization and participation to sit-in, protests, strikes, and campaining (www.clap-info.net)

15M Berlin – Germany
is a nonpartisan, horizontal, self-managed and feminist political group whose main goal is the political coordination of immigration from Spain in its fight against the effects of capitalism. Likewise, it‘s involved locally in other issues affecting the whole society such as the fight for housing rights and the reporting of labor exploitation. 15M Berlin assembly was created on May the 16th 2011, following the trail of a grass-roots movement that took to the streets statewide a day earlier. This movement was a response to the consequences of the austerity policies enforced by PP-PSOE and the Troika (IMF, ECB and EU) on citizenry. 15M Berlin assembly has evolved over the years and is currently involved on a permanent basis with other grass-roots movements such as Marea Granate or Blockupy (www.facebook.com/Berlin15M)

FAU Dresden (Free Workers Union) – Germany
Our syndicat is part of the anarchosyndicalist federation FAU. In Dresden we exist now for 4 years and get a lot of members in this time. The most of our members are precarious workers in gastronomy and education-sector. Two years ago we get famous with the first strike in a little bar in germany, which last two months. Since Pegida grows up, we make also antifascist campaigns in workplace and support anarchist-structures in right-wing connected villages arround Dresden.

Frankfurt lab – Germany
is a circle of activists to discuss and support (local) working struggles beyond the limits of traditional paths of social and labor fights and organization. We are active in: social work net, TIE, no one is illegal, iL and notroika.

The future is unwritten. Leipzig – Germany
We are a leftradical group located in Leipzig, Germany. We try to bring together a critical analyse of the modern capitalism with a contemporary pratice. At the moment we deal mainly with the themes of Antiracism, Antisemitism, Feminism and Gentrification. For the future we plan to intervene more in the struggels of the working class. Furthermore the group is part of …ums Ganze – alliance which is a network of comunist groups in Germany an Austria.

Inicjatywa Pracownicza (IP, Workers‘ Initiative) – Poland
was formed in Poland in 2001 first as an informal group of worker activists willing to unite and fight at their own workplaces and to support other workers‘ struggle. In September 2004, IP was established as a formal but independent and grass-roots trade union. Creation of IP was a reaction to crisis of the Polish official union movement – to its bureaucracy, passivity and links with the anti-social and anti-workers governments. IP gathers either workers from various industries (e.g. the health service, the shipyard industry, transport and logistic, construction industry, commerce, public administration, art and culture workers) or precarious workers, like those from temporary agencies, students and unemployed. Inicjatywa Pracownicza organizes workplace activity, but also joins larger mobilizations and protests, and runs campaigns outside the workplaces through direct actions, leaflets, publications, and conferences, educational events. Outside Poland, IP has a regular exchange within the “Red and Black Coordination” of anarcho-syndicalist trade unions (http://www.ozzip.pl/).

Initiative zivilcourage – Munich
is a group that organizes a temporary workers‘ center in munich. one day a week, precarized workers – mainly bulgarian day labourers who work in the construction and cleaning sector – use this space. we do direct solidarity work and organize campaigns and actions collectively. issues range from wage-theft to police repression, racial profiling, exclusion from social benefits, homelessness, refusal to issue certificates of residence, withdrawal of freedom of movement, removal of children, debts and prison. we also take part in an attempt to build a translocal network of different grassroot collectives that fight against exclusion, exploitation and precarization of eu-citizens (http://europafueralle.net/www.inizivi.antira.info )

Interventionistische Linke – Germany
is an open process of organization of a network of radical left groups and individuals coming from the non-dogmatic and emancipatory currents within the German speaking left. We are activists in social movements and involved in anti-racist, feminist and climate struggles as well as in antifascist and anti-war activities. We want the left do be engaged, be part of social movements and broader alliances. We try to argue for an anti-capitalist perspective in all these struggles, try to deepen fractions within the system and use windows of opportunity for action. We prefer to be active on a practical level, even if we sometimes make mistakes and learn out of them, instead of being lost in the cynicism of pure critique. We struggle for a radical left that is oriented towards a revolutionary rupture with capitalism, state and all forms of oppression and discrimination. We want a new, social and radical left, an interventionist left that is struggling for hegemony and organizing counter-power.

Laboratory of social strike – Rome
a metropolitan assembly of social strike part of the national network organized in the Coalition for Social strike. Precarious workers collective, social centers, trade unions and selforganized experiences of autonomous and precarious workers, unemployed, students and migrants collectives are part of this open laboratory, in order to create a permanent space of articulation and organization of mutualism and solidarity within the labour struggles, claiming for basic income and minimum salary. Here the blog of the Coalition for the social strike (www.blog.scioperosociale.it).

No one is illegal Hanau – Germany
Our group exists already since 1992 in support of refugee and migrant struggles and we combine individual counselling in a local refugee-cafe (twice a week in our social center) with continuous political campaigns and initiatives against deportations and for open borders. We were also co-founders for MigrAr Rhine-Main, a counselling point in Frankfurt to support migrants, whom are denied their (full) wages. We are active on a germanwide but also on a transnational level, in the past mainly in noborder camps, since 2009 in the network welcome to europe and since 2014 also with the hotline for boatpeople: watchthemed-alarmphone. Practical activities on flight and migration, for the unconditional right to stay and for freedom of movement against the modern border- and apartheid-regime are the key-issues of our political work. But rooting in this we are continuously searching for interconnections to other social movements in a comprehensive approach for global social rights. In this perspective we also participated in the blockupy coalition since its beginning in 2012. Contact: [email protected]

Precarious di∫connections – Italy
is a collective made by precarious workers, migrants, women and men, who put precarious and migrant labor at the centre of their political intervention, understanding precarity and mobility as the global and comprehensive conditions of contemporary labor. Our wager is that of breaking the isolation of workers starting from the differences that divide them and to connect the disconnected, to produce communication where it is lacking or seems impossible. It includes a regional Migrants Coordination, active on the connection between immigration laws and the exploitation of migrants in the workplaces, and a collective of precarious workers, Insubordinate Labor, which builds communication and organization among the different faces of precarious labor. We had an active role in the migrants‘ strike on the 1st of March 2010 and we are part of the Italian coalition for the Social Strike (www.connessioniprecarie.com).

Rete della Conoscenza – Italy
is the network of students‘ organizations, composed of UdS – Unione degli Studenti and LINK Coordinamento Universitario. Its action is focused on issues which go beyond those regarding education in its strict meaning, widening its field on that of precarity inside and outside schools and universities, while at the same time promoting campaigns on issues such as migrations and environmental struggles, recognising Europe as the minimum space of action today (www.retedellaconoscenza.it).

Sud Commerces et Services – France
Our union was created in 2002 with the help of the Union Syndicale Solidaires and increased their overall in the retail sector. Today, our union has 30 sections and, in sum, we count more than 300 members only in Paris (1.000 in all country). Examples of our presence : – Apparel : Burberry,- Retail chain : Carrefour, – Departement store : Fnac and Virgin Mégastore,- Perfumery : Sephora,- Fast-food : KFC and Pizza Hut. Since 2010, we take part in a committee that is composed of four different unions in the retail industry and is called le Comité de Liaison Intersyndical du Commerce de Paris (CLIC-P). Together, we are fighting against the extension of the opening hours in the region of Paris.

Social Work Network Frankfurt – Germany
is an alliance of political active colleagues who work in different enterprises and associations of the social sector in Frankfurt. Those social services companies are in concurrence to each other for public commissions. For that reason and also as in the social sector nothing is produced and expenses can only be saved by firing and cutting wages most of us are paid under the tariff standards and some are threatened by unemployment. We try to fight against this since 2011 with some success on the level of local government. Some of us are near to unions, others are very far from them. We are connected to support each other in conflicts with the companies.

TIE – global workers‘ network – Germany
tie is a global grassroots network of workers active in workplaces and communities. It includes both union and non-union activists in the formal and informal sectors. tie aims to encourage, organise, and facilitate international consciousness and cooperation among workers and their organisations in various parts of the world. tie was founded in 1978 by initiative of union activists from various countries. Today, tie is active with regional groups in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. From its beginnings, the tie network has linked up with workers initiatives that see themselves as part of a broader movement for social change committed to fight for a life without exploitation and exclusion – a life grounded in the dignity of human beings and their freedom for self-determination (www.tie-germany.org).

Plan C – UK
Plan C is an organisation of people who are politically active in their workplaces and communities. We work together to support each other, amplify our struggles and think strategically. We want to go beyond network-based organisation, without falling back on the model of a party. We are committed to ongoing experimentation to find the forms of collective activity needed to build a world beyond capitalism. Plan C is also concerned with making plans – plans to survive and resist capitalism’s attack on our lives, and plans for collective self-organisation (weareplanc.org). .

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