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Grève Social to change Europe


The Independent Union for Precarious and Autonomous workers (CLAP – Camere del Lavoro Autunomo e Precario) part of the Transnational Social Strike Platform will go to Paris to participate to the general strike against the Loi Travail called for the 28th April. Français – Italian When the general strike against …

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France on Strike Again: The Chance of a Transnational Movement?


 Français – Italiano On Saturday, April 9th, that is on March the 40th according to the new calendar of the protest, more than 150.000 people demonstrated in Paris and more than 200 demonstrations took place all over France, showing that the mobilization against the project «loi travail» it still vibrant. …

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1st of March 2016: On the side of migrants! A first step towards the Transnational Social Strike

1M Berlin

REPORT OF A DAY OF COORDINATED ACTIONS THROUGHOUT EUROPE Deutsch – Español – Italiano Have a look at the pictures and videos of the day on the transnational map: The sense of something new, starting from migrants’ struggles The 1st of March 2016 more than 20 cities in eight European …

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1st of March in Poland: act! protest! strike against temp agencies and precarization

On March 1st : Act up, protest, strike ! Against precarization and temporary employment In 2014, Amazon opened three distribution centers in Poland: two in the suburbs of Wrocław and one near Poznań. In all of its warehouses the company hires on average 3,200 permanent workers and a similar amount …

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1st of March in Stockholm: action inside of Ikea

HOUSE WARMING PARTY Why do we want to gather for social strike at IKEA in Stockholm on March 1st, 2016? The 1st of March is the day for transnational social strike. Social strike is to re-understand the strike weapon on a changed labour market and direct our gathered strength – …

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