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Statement in support of the striking dockworkers in Sweden


The Transnational Social Strike Platform supports the dockworkers that are striking and fighting in Gothenburg at APM container terminal. About a year ago, APM Terminals Gothenburg adopted a new aggressive personnel policy and is now rejecting all demands for higher wages and better conditions from the Swedish Dockworkers’ Union, which …

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Facing the European crisis, building social power

Diktyo Festival

Workshop on the Transnational Social Strike at the
Anti-Racist Festival in Athens, July 3rd, 7.30PM, Panepistimioúpoli (University Campus), Zografou, Athens. ελληνικά The normalization of precarization is the ultimate political agenda in Europe. It is now explicit that the line of reform from Hartz IV in Germany to the loi travail in …

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Form France to Europe. Building a Transnational Social Strike

14 giugno

Report of the Paris Assembly  –  11th June 2016 Français – Italiano Participants Coordination des intermittents et précaires (France), NuitDebout (Commission general strike, Commission political economy, Commission democracy), Sud Solidaire (France), Clap (Rome, Italy), Precarious Dis-connections (Bologna, Italy), Plan C (UK), Alt åt Alla (Sweden), Worker’s Initiative (Poland), Interventionistische Linke (Germany), …

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From France to Europe: building a transnational social strike


Assembly of the Transnational Social Strike Platform, 11th June, 12pm, @Place de la République Français – Deutsch – Italiano – ελληνικά – Español Activists and trade unionists from the Transnational Social Strike Platform took part in the strikes and mobilizations of the last months in France, in the International Weekend of 7th and …

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The big brother of the «loi travail»: the German Agenda 2010

From Paris to Berlin

The French labor reform that is triggering a massive social strike throughout France is not just a national law: it is part of a European process of precarization and an attack on workers and labor rights. The loi travail is in fact very similar in its attack on workers to …

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