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Final Program – London TSS Assembly // 10th-12th February


Download the program HERE or consult it below: [pdf-embedder url=”http://www.transnational-strike.info/wp-content/uploads/Program-TSS-London.pdf” title=”Program -TSS London”]

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If Our Lives Have No Value, then We Strike! Call For A Global Women’s Strike // March 8th 2017


by TRANSNATIONAL SOCIAL STRIKE PLATFORM After the mobilization and women’s strikes occurred last year, after the huge women’s turnout during the inauguration day, in the US and beyond, in many countries all around the world public meetings and assemblies are taking place to turn the celebrations on the 8th March …

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March First: Courses of Action Leading to an Unexpected Strike


We publish the English translation of an essay on the strike of migrant labor of the 1st of March 2010 in Italy as a contribution for the discussion opened by the call for a “24h without us” in the UK the 20th of February. As the article explains, the background …

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Transnational Social Strike // Call Out: London Assembly 10th-11th February 2017


With as many as 2 million EU migrants facing the uncertainty of Brexit, with many non-EU migrants asking for asylum or simply working in the UK facing the exacerbation of immigration controls, on the 20th February 2017 a “migrant strike” has been proposed in the UK called «one day without …

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A Global Flood on Strike. Women and Feminism towards March 8th


by PRECARIOUS DIʃCONNECTIONS We publish a contribution by Precarious Diʃconnections towards the global women’s strike of next March 8th. The text underlines the unprecedented character of the ongoing women uprising and of the project of a women’s strike. The women’s strike is a chance to give shape to the transnational and social strike …

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