On October 3rd from 6pm to 8pm (CET) the Transnational Social Strike Platform organizes an online open meeting to discuss the current and emerging political landscapes, find the common threads between our local situations and specific struggles and explore the possibilities for a mass collective transnational initiative. We invite and welcome the participation of workers and migrants’ collectives, unions, and social movement organizers.

We want to discuss this situation starting from three main areas of struggle that have been particularly hit by transformations during the pandemic: wages, working conditions and green transition; welfare and social reproduction ; migrant labor within and outside the EU.

The assembly will be held online and participation is open to all workers and migrants’ collectives, unions, and social movement organizers willing to discuss these transnational challenges, suggest others and look for a collective response.

Register HERE to receive the Zoom link to join the assembly.

For more information or enquiries please send a message to: info@transnational-strike.info