👭✊ We call all women, the workers and the jobless, migrants, LGBTQI+ people and essential workers who on March 8th 2021 are striking, demonstrating, strategizing, speaking up, meeting up, doing actions and flashmobs, to share materials with us, to send videos, pictures and to connect our struggles transnationally. Please feel free to share your events in the discussion here so that we can exchange ideas, hashtags and support each other’s movements.

On the 8th of March we strike against the exploitation of our productive and reproductive labor. We refuse to be considered essential only to be exploited and oppressed! With our essential feminist strike we want to join our forces across borders and to turn our essential status into a sign of transnational power. We need to show that we are organizing and connecting in different countries and that March 8th is just the beginning: we will continue building a movement that overturns this patriarchal and racist society, we will have a say in the post-pandemic reconstruction so that we don’t continue paying the highest price of the crisis. Our life is essential, our strike is essential!

✊✊ Send us your event, videos, pictures using the following hashtags: #essentialstrike #EAST8M #essentialstruggles8M #8M #westrike