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Paris Meeting 21st-23rd October: REGISTRATION

To take part to the meeting, please REGISTER HERE

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Call out for the Transnational Social Strike Meeting. Paris, 21st-23rd October Deutsch – ελληνικά – Español – Français – Italiano – Svenska – Slovenski – български – Polskie First outline of the program here If you want to take part to the meeting register here What is happening in France goes well beyond the French borders. …

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Form France to Europe. Building a Transnational Social Strike // Report

Report of the Paris Assembly  –  11th June 2016 Français – Italiano Participants Coordination des intermittents et précaires (France), NuitDebout (Commission general strike, Commission political economy, Commission democracy), Sud Solidaire (France), Clap (Rome, Italy), Precarious Dis-connections (Bologna, Italy), Plan C (UK), Alt åt Alla (Sweden), Worker’s Initiative (Poland), Interventionistische Linke (Germany), …

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From France to Europe. Building a Transnational Social Strike // Call Out

Assembly of the Transnational Social Strike Platform, 11th June, 12pm, @Place de la République Français – Deutsch – Italiano – ελληνικά – Español Activists and trade unionists from the Transnational Social Strike Platform took part in the strikes and mobilizations of the last months in France, in the International Weekend of 7th and …

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Final document from the 1st Transnational Social Strike Meeting

More than 150 people met in Poznan for the first Transnational Social Strike Meeting. The new normality of austerity and precarity, the transnational chains of exploitation and the centrality of mobility and migrant labor requires a new transnational initiative.

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