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Ljubljana Meeting May 2017

Strike the borders, fight neoliberalism! Final statement after the TSS Meeting in Ljubljana

As TSS platform we consolidated in the previous two years a method and a vision: the method consists of placing the tenets of our transnational initiative from within the movements of migrants, precarious and industrial workers, men and women, who are challenging the neoliberal constitution of Europe, by striking and …

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Ljubljana Meeting: Workshops & Program Information Sheet

Click on the page below to download the pdf with the workshops’ descriptions and full program of the TSS Ljubliana Meeting. Whoever is intentioned to take part in the meeting, is kindly asked to fill in the REGISTRATION FORM by May 17th.  

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Call Out: Ljubljana Meeting // 19th – 21st May 2017

After being in Poznan, a crucial junction in the European restructuring of productive organization towards East; after being in Paris, when the struggle against the loi travail and its world agitated the strike as a mass practice of convergence; after being in a post-Brexit London, where migrants and natives engaged …

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