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Poznan Meeting 2015

Final document from the 1st Transnational Social Strike Meeting

More than 150 people met in Poznan for the first Transnational Social Strike Meeting. The new normality of austerity and precarity, the transnational chains of exploitation and the centrality of mobility and migrant labor requires a new transnational initiative.

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Report of the workshop “Fighting against precarity and austerity – how to strike together?”

organized by: Interventionistische Linke (Germany), Plan C (UK), Precarious Dis-connections (Italy) The workshop aimed at connecting the struggles against precarity and the government of mobility and those against austerity in order for the former to get a wide political resonance, and for the latter to intervene in the everyday effects …

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Report of the workshop “Migrant labor, the government of mobility and the transnational strike”

organized by: Precarious dis-connections (Italy), Berlin migrant strikers (Germany), Syrena collective (Poland), No One is Illegal (Germany), Rome Social Strike Laboratory (Italy) The starting point of the workshop has been the necessity of a common frame for understanding the current relation between mobility, austerity and precarity. This common frame is …

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Report of the workshop “The transnational chains of care”

organized by: Worker’s Initiative (Poland), Plan C (UK) Summary The workshop (Organized by Worker’s initiative and Plan C) is presented in two parts: one first part where problems in care sector, paid and unpaid labor and different struggles are set, and a second part where we discuss how to link …

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Livestreaming of the TSS Meeting

Recordings of the presentations in Poznan of the plenary and workshops.

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