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Moving Forward in solidarity

Introduction of the brochure about the «Sezonieri» (seasonal workers) Campaign in Austria and beyond This week we are (re)publishing an article in the conflict corner which focuses on another important sector of migrants’ exploitation, i.e. seasonal workers in agriculture. In 2013, Austrian union activists started a campaign in support of …

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How do we Strike when our Boss is a Machine, a Software or a Chain? Struggles in the Gig Economy

by JOHN MURRAY (Plan C, UK) We publish a report of the current struggles carried on by Deliveroo, Uber and UberEats workers in the UK. Next appointment for discussion the workshop on logistical strike at the TSS London Assembly on Feb. 11th, with the participation of the curriers protagonists of …

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Strikes against Deportations: Schools Struggling for Migrants’ Freedom

by SARAH LIZ (Tidningen Brand – Sweden) We continue the “conflict corner” this week with an analysis of some of the consequences and effects of the stricter immigration laws, passed by the Swedish parliament last year. Along with the increased economization of these legislative changes, in these last months the country …

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The H&M Experience: Organizing Retail Workers in the Age of Precarity

We continue our new website section called “conflict corner” with an article from TIE (Transnationals Information Exchange), which is a global grassroots network of workers active in workplaces and communities. In the text the German section discusses successful experiences of self-organizing in the fashion company H&M, which is “a forerunner …

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Strike against the Neoliberal Education System: I. Albania // II. Macedonia

We begin our new website section called «conflict corner» with two reports written by Për Universitetin Movement (Albania) and Student Plenum (Macedonia) about neoliberal education reforms in their countries and the struggles against them. While the education sector is one that has traditionally triggered national protests against national laws, the …

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