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Against Internal and External Borders: Migrants for a European Residence Permit

by TRANSNATIONAL SOCIAL STRIKE PLATFORM   [French and Italian translation below] Last 23th of September, the Ministers of the Interiors of Italy, Malta, France and Germany triumphantly announced the signing of the so-called “Malta Agreement”, which provides for the relocation between all participating countries, within four weeks, of those migrants …

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Final Report from the Tbilisi Meeting 2019

Earlier this summer, on June 28 – 30, the 7th meeting of TSS Platform took place in Tbilisi, Georgia, organized thanks to Solidarity Network. This was the first time that the Platform went outside of the borders of the European Union. We encountered there new questions and new challenges facing …

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Amazon Workers on Strike on Prime Day: No More Discounts on our Wage!

With a transnational wave of strikes in occasion of Prime Day on the 15th and 16th of July, workers at Amazon have indelibly soiled the glittering façade of one of the main global companies of our times, paving the way for future struggles. In Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom and …

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Georgia, Europe and the Transnational Dimension. Struggling in a Changing Scenario

by TRANSNATIONAL SOCIAL STRIKE PLATFORM Read the program Read the call out in English Read the call out in Georgian Check out the Facebook event The TSS meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia on 28th-30th June 2019 is the first assembly of the platform outside the borders of the EU. We are heading to Tbilisi while …

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Full Program // TSS Meeting, Tbilisi 28th-30th June

Read the presentation document towards the meeting — here  Friday 28th of June 5pm-5.30pm: Welcome from Solidarity Network and introduction of TSS 6pm-8pm: Roundtable “Georgia, Europe and the Transnational Dimension: Struggling in a Changing Scenario”  In this opening roundtable we want to discuss the transnational dimension as the changing scenario …

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