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The Miners’ Strike. Renewed Class Struggle in Chiatura

by SOPIKO JAPARIDZE (Solidarity Network, Georgia) Over 3,000 workers in the manganese mining town of Chiatura (Georgia) started a wildcat strike 15 days ago in spite of the three unions that operate there, including one that signed a collective agreement last year that forbids strikes for three years. The whole town …

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Final Declaration of the Cross-border Meeting of Amazon Workers – Poznań March 2019

We publish the final declaration of the transnational meeting of Amazon workers from Spain, Poland, Germany and France that took place last March in Poznan and in which the TSS Platform participated. Since 2015, when the first experiences of connections among Amazon warehouses in Germany and Poland occurred, the meetings have grown larger …

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L’ordre ne règne pas en Europe. L’insurrection des gilets jaunes et le défi transnational

by TRANSNATIONAL SOCIAL STRIKE PLATFORM English translation Voici la traduction française de notre texte L’ordre ne règne pas en Europe. L’insurrection des gilets jaunes et le défi transnational, publié pour la première fois en anglais en février. Ce texte porte le débat du mouvement des gilets jaunes reconnaissant sa pertinence …

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Order does not Reign in Europe. On the Yellow Vest Insurrection and the Transnational Challenge

by TRANSNATIONAL SOCIAL STRIKE PLATFORM Together with the French translation we publish again this text discussing the Yellow Vests’ movement, recognizing its transnational relevance, and following a long engagement with French political situation, which led, among other things, to the organization of the meeting ‘From France to Europe’ during the movement against the …

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Call Out: Transnational Social Strike Platform Meeting // Tbilisi, Georgia 28th-30th June

Translations:  ქართული  –  French  –  Italian Georgia is connected to the European Union by an Association Agreement that is being implemented since 2016. Almost unnoticed in the West, the agreement entails a plan of reforms of economy, society and public policies that is shaking the Georgian political landscape. As other …

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