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BERLIN TSS Meeting: Programme, Workshops & Registration Form

Registration We’re trying our best to put together the best weekend we can and to do that we need some info from you. Please fill in the registration form that you find at this link: https://goo.gl/a5cS4R Please submit the registration form by the 8th of November at midnight, the latest.   Call …

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Transnational Social Strike: Call Out for the Berlin Meeting (10-12th November 2017)

TSS PLATFORM – 2 YEARS IN, WHERE ARE WE AND WHERE ARE WE GOING On November 10th-12th 2017, the Transnational Social Strike Platform (TSS) that involvs radical unions, workers and social movement collective’s, migrants and  activists will meet in Berlin to further develop the TSS as a political infrastructure. From …

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Striking the Border. Migrants’ Daily Struggles from Ventimiglia to the World

by LORENZO DELFINO (Migrant Coordination, Italy) Starting from migrants’ experience in Ventimiglia, this contribution focuses not only on the violence of the borders regime, but also on the determination of migrants. The attempts to stop or limit their arrivals face their commitment to strike the border, to refuse the asylum …

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Strikes at the Charité Hospital – Space of Healthcare or Profit Center?

by SEBASTIAN REECK (Interventionist Left, Bielefeld) Self-organised nurses and care workers at Berlin Charitè Hospital have been fighting for two years against care reforms together with other workers and also involving patients and people throughout the city. By obtaining an agreement that fixes the minimum number of staff in the …

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[PDF] TSS Journal // Logistics and the Transnational Social Strike

  Click on the cover image to download the entire journal in PDF       Logistics, Power, Strike: Elements for the Political Infrastructure   Introduction by the TSS PLATFORM   This reader collects texts written by workers, activists and trade union members from several European countries, who took part in …

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