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Strike the borders, fight neoliberalism! Final statement after the TSS Meeting in Ljubljana

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As TSS platform we consolidated in the previous two years a method and a vision: the method consists of placing the tenets of our transnational initiative from within the movements of migrants, precarious and industrial workers, men and women, who are challenging the neoliberal constitution of Europe, by striking and …

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No More Fear: Migrants’ Struggles in Bologna


by MIGRANTS’ COORDINATION (Bologna, Italy) The Conflict Corner presents a text from the Migrants’ Coordination (Bologna), focusing on the recent migrants’ struggles taking place in Bologna. The text places them within the framework of the current intensification of the connection between precarity and government of mobility, an issue that the …

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Call Out: Ljubljana Meeting // 19th – 21st May 2017

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After being in Poznan, a crucial junction in the European restructuring of productive organization towards East; after being in Paris, when the struggle against the loi travail and its world agitated the strike as a mass practice of convergence; after being in a post-Brexit London, where migrants and natives engaged …

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Report of the Transnational Day of Action against the Border Regime // 18.03.17


by HAGEN KOPP (No One is Illegal, Hanau) The Conflict Corner of this week presents a report of the transnational day of action of March 18th, when protests and demonstrations took place in several cities all over Europe. The initial call came from groups in Greece, but more networks picked …

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Participants: No One is Illegal (Germany), Social Center Rog Migrant Community (Slovenia), Migrant Coordination (Italy), Plan C (United Kingdom), Expropriate Hagsätra (Sweden), Allt åt alla (Sweden), Union Syndacale Solidaires (France), Debout Place des Fêtes (France), FAU Halle (Germany), Prekärlab Frankfurt (Germany). Speaking of migrants today in Europe means mainly speaking …

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