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Fighting against Welfare Cuts and Ikea’s Housing Speculations in Sweden


This week Conflict Corner gives voice to the struggle for housing and welfare rights in Sweden. Hagsätra, a neighbourhood at the southern periphery of Stockholm, is undergoing a process of privatization brought forward by the multinational corporation Ikea, which is responsible for a housing speculation especially at the expenses of …

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March 8th. Chronicles of a Global Uprising


…On the 8th of March women all over the world showed that the transnational social strike is possible and has to be feminist in order to become a global mass practice to overturn the present. In turn, women’s strike has shown clearly that the strike is the way in which …

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Report of the Transnational Day of Action against the Border Regime // 18.03.17


by HAGEN KOPP (No One is Illegal, Hanau) The Conflict Corner of this week presents a report of the transnational day of action of March 18th, when protests and demonstrations took place in several cities all over Europe. The initial call came from groups in Greece, but more networks picked …

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Amazon Workers’ Meeting // Poznan, 21st – 23rd April


The next Amazon workers’ meeting will take place in Poznan in less than one month, carrying on the work of transnational coordination developed side by side with the growth of the TSS platform, from its first assembly in Frankfurt on March 19th 2015 to the one in Paris last October, which started with an …

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Becoming Critical: Deliveroo Struggles in the UK Spread and Develop


by CALLUM CANT (Plan C, UK) Conflict Corner this week gives space to new forms of struggles arising in the UK from the cooperation of Deliveroo couriers with social movements and supporters. The Rebel Roo bullettin project, led by Plan C, actively contributed to this cooperation that is empowering self-organized …

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