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Towards the Global Women Strike // March 8th


From the workshop held during the TSS London Assembly on last 11th February Many collectives and trade unions from Italy, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Germany, Slovenia and France, who are taking part in the strike of March 8th, met in London during the Transnational Social Strike Assembly, to discuss the …

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Maternity Care Occupation shows the Way for a New Social Movement in Sweden


by ERIK PERSSON (ALLT ÅT ALLA UMEÅ) Since almost a month the maternity ward in Sollefteå (Sweden) is occupied. Besides the decision to close it down, along with the emergency clinic, the reason for this action follows a series of threats and closures of health care facilities in especially the …

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Si Nuestras Vidas no Tienen Valor, ¡Entonces Vamos a la Huelga! Llamamiento a una Huelga Global de Mujeres


Tras las movilizaciones y huelgas femeninas del año pasado y tras la enorme marcha de mujeres el día de la investidura de Donald Trump, en EEUU como en muchos otros países en el mundo, están teniendo lugar reuniones y asambleas para convertir la celebración del 8 de marzo en una …

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Our Fight against Bogus Employment Contracts at Apple


by CORK BOGUS CONTRACT WORKERS The text we publish this Wednesday offers a cross section of a specific kind of precarity, that of freelancing, in one of the biggest multinational companies  of the world and it tells us the difficulties of organizing struggles and long-lasting strategies to obtain better working …

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Migrants’ Strike: An Audacious Moment


Interview to Valery Alzaga*: From the US May Day of 2006 to Present Challenges * Trade unionist and organizer for migrants’ rights with experience in the US and Europe, now member of UNISON (UK) by PRECARIOUS DIʃCONNECTIONS As part of the discussion opened by the call for a «day without …

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